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This project was for a HTML5/CSS3 iPhone/Android webapp. The webapp is currently being used by dozens of sales associates internally to configure, build, and order dessert menus.

Details on my work in the project:

The following are some screenshots on an iOS 5 device, starting with the splash screen: Splash Screen

From here you could select the type of product you would like to build. The only supported product being a dessert menu. The Activity Selection

After configuring the layout (not shown), background templates (not shown), you would be allowed to add a specific number of desserts based on the previous selections to the menu. Product Detail View

After setting up prices for all of your desserts (not shown), you could then add a slogan for the printed menu. Adding a slogan to the menu

Finally, you could review the menu via a dynamically generated image of it and/or complete your order (not shown).

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