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Everyone who dabbles in webdev at one point or another builds a dynamic blog for themselves. I first experimented when I was younger with PHP/MySQL and really enjoyed it. Eventually I was introduced into MVC based frameworks, starting with iOS and Cocoa and eventually Django. While working on some Django projects I realized how powerful these ideas really were through their scalability and maintainability.


Design Goals

When designing a website normally you think outwardly about your potential users and what they will expect. But I took a different approach; the most invested and interested party in the site was actually myself, I wanted to focus on making my site user-friendly and fun for me.

I came up this list of design goals:

Design Ideas

After some experiments, I determined that Git would make an awesome content repo. Unlike the traditional SQL database approach, git is much easier to replicate/manage/move around. It also had all the core functionality of a good CMS built in:



This is how I would add new 'post' to my website. An edited screenshot showing how to add content

Which then allows the next visitor to see the post. A screenshot with  the new content

As for managing content, it is pretty easy as well. For instance, to remove this unwanted post I can simply git reset --hard master~1 and then force push my repo to my server. A screenshot illustrating the removal of a post text/plain